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Frenship Behavior Intervention Services Helps Teachers Prepare for the Holiday Season

The holiday behavior tips were split up by elementary and secondary:

Elementary Holiday Behavior Tips:

  1. Stick to your Routine – Keeping consistency and structure in the classroom are key elements in behavior management for day-to-day activities. These elements are the most essential during the holiday season.
  2. Stick to the Rules – The holidays are a good time to remind students that the class rules still apply. Using holiday themed motivators keep holiday spirits up by also keep the peace.
  3. Don’t Build Anticipation – Staying focused on daily routines, instead of upcoming special activities, helps prevent the class from getting off course. Having a visible list of schedule changes and going over the day’s plan for before and after a special activity is helpful.
  4. Keep the Student Active – Having back up activities for students to do when planned activities finish earlier than expected is helpful. Additionally, including movement breaks helps reduce some of the energy from holiday excitement.
  5. Keep it Simple – Simple activities and holiday decor = less stress for teachers and students.

Secondary Holiday Behavior Tips:

  1. Stick to the Routine and Class Rules – Before and after the holidays are great times to review classroom rules and expectations. Using holiday motivators and positive reinforcement helps.
  2. Begin Class Immediately After the Tardy Bell – A structured, time managed classroom keeps things consistent for students.
  3. Indulge Student Interests – Get in the spirit with students by bringing the holidays into the lessons to make them more meaningful.
  4. Always Have a Back Up Plan – Having a back up plan ensures the class can keep going despite glitches, students finishing work quickly, or uncooperative technology.
  5. Make Your Last Day Mild – Use content related games and activities to keep students engaged. Schedule independent work for the beginning and end of class to keep the class calm as they are entering and exiting the room.

The newsletter provided teachers links to resources to help with each tip given. Resources included free PowerPoint presentations on classroom management during the holidays, fun and simple holiday themed activity ideas, and ideas for fun ways to reward good behavior during the holidays.

Additionally, the newsletter provided professional development opportunities for teachers and staff to get involved in. Trainings included topics like behavior management and youth mental health.