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Reese Education Center

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Reese Vision Statement

Reese Education Center Vision Statement
At Reese Education Center, through dedicated action and quality collaboration of staff and administration, students will engage in rigorous individualized academic programs that add lifelong value to the students and community.

Reese Mission Statement
The Reese Education Center is a Non Traditional Education Campus housing a credit recovery program (W.I.N.G.S. Program), an accelerated credit program (Accelerated Program) and the Frenship ISD Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP Program). All three educational programs offer a computer based flexible learning environment, a rigorous academic curriculum, an EOC preparatory program and a self-discipline program designed for at-risk students or those who prefer to learn in a self-paced environment.

Reese Education Center will:

Create a safe and positive learning environment
Provide for the unique needs and capabilities of the individual student
Foster student responsibility for their learning and behavior
Develop positive attitudes toward school, community and family
Foster high self-esteem in students and staff
Engage parents in a positive manner in their child's education
Stimulate teachers to become partners in the students education process
Provide opportunities to all students equipping them with the desirable traits as outlined in the Frenship ISD Graduate Profile:
Academically Equipped Graduates
Effective Communicators
Responsible Citizens
Passionate Learners
"Seek Perfection, Capture Excellence"