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Reese Education Center

Reese Education Center Students Get a ‘Spooky’ Surprise

Last week, students who attend the CIS lunch group at Reese walked into a room full of creepy crawly animals, courtesy of Pets Plus. Richard Evans, owner and founder of Pets Plus in Lubbock, also Elyse’s father, brought in a handful of unique pets available at Pets Plus.  

Growing up, Richard always brough fun animals to present to her class, Elyse thought she would continue the tradition and asked her father to come present to her students. Since it was Halloween season, Elyse asked her father to bring the ‘spooky’ animals. 

Richard brought a bearded dragon, two Madagascar hissing cockroaches, an African spur-thigh tortoise, a greenbottle blue tarantula, and an albino Burmese python. He talked to the class about what makes these pets unique, then gave them all an opportunity to hold them. 

“This was just a fun surprise for my students,” said Elyse. “They had a blast and have been talking about it ever since!”