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Reese Education Center


Dear students and parents,
As we gear up for the 2020-2021 school year, I look forward to a wonderful year working with you and your student. This year will mark my 15th year at Reese and I am excited about the possibilities this year holds. I work with students on their science courses in our WINGS program as well as our Middle School DAEP program. Our WINGS students complete the majority of their work in an online curriculum hosted by Apex Learning. We will use our Office 365 products to help facilitate the completion of this online curriculum. Our Middle School DAEP students will be working primarily in an online learning platform called Schoology. The use of Schoology allows our DAEP students to maintain continuity with their peers on their campus during their DAEP placement. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or call me using our campus phone number.
Class Schedule 
(subject to change)
Homeroom 8:10-8:45
1st Period 8:47-9:40 (conference except for Tuesdays)
2nd Period 9:42-10:35 virtual science period-virtual students please use my Microsoft Team virtual office hours video conference to get assistance as well as messaging me using Team chat
AM Break  10:35-10:50
3rd Period 10:52-11:45
Lunch 11:45-12:15
4th Period 12:17-01:10
5th Period 01:12-02:05 (MS DAEP)
PM Break 02:05-02:15
6th Period 02:17-03:10
Homeroom 03:12-03:40
Parent and students, 
Please reference the following regarding our expectations for work in your student's science courses.

In order to complete your work and communicate you will want to make use of several digital tools.


  • Apex Learning is a web-based digital curriculum that helps provide a student with the content information. Students will work through study materials, take quizzes, and CSTs on this platform. Apex may be accessed at Students' homeroom teachers should have provided their Apex log in. If a student does not have their Apex account information I can provide that information to them. Any assignments schedule for a week not completed by Friday of that week may be scored as 0. For example, an activity schedule from 8/24-8/28 not completed by 4 pm on 8/28 may be scored as a 0.


  • Microsoft Teams is a communication platform and learning management system. We are using this as a launchpad for student learning. Students can access this resource from They will need their Frenship Windows information to log into Office365. Their username is and their password should be shared with them by their homeroom teacher. Please contact your student’s homeroom teacher if they do not know their password. Your student may download Teams from the office365 website or run it as a web-based application. Withing Teams, your student should access several tools including Team chat and their class notebook. Students will need to complete note-taking sheets (study guides) and other written assignments associated with their Apex course in this digital notebook platform.


  • Frenship email is another communication tool for your student. Additional information and file-sharing can take place through email as well